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About the Crew

The Odyssey is run by Captain Dina Grivetto and Captain Rick Scott

Captain Rick Scott joined Ocean Odyssey in 2006.  It wasn't the first sportfishing boat he ran, but it was the largest.  Rick dreamed of taking people fishing for a living since he was a young boy and now his dream has come true.  Rick is dedicated to the boat and business so much so that he married the owners daughter.  Rick loves his job and rarely takes a day off, but when he does it is usually to pursue his other passion, hunting. 

Captain Dina Grivetto has been with Ocean Odyssey full time since 2000, she runs the business side of the operation now, but will ocasionally be seen at the helm. 

Captain Scott "Scooter" Losner joined Ocean Odyssey in 2014.  He is Rick's right hand man although you may not see much of him because he is usually awake when everyone else is sleeping.  He is the man that will safely navagate Ocean Odyssey to the fishing grounds each night.  

In the galley you can usually see chef Dave whipping up some good meals.  Dave has been with Ocean Odyssey since 2008 and says he never wants to go back to cooking on land again.  Dave hails from Ohio where he was professionally trained in cullinary arts.    

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